The Mission
Andromeda srl was founded in Rome in 1997 as a small firm supplying consultancy services in the field of microwave and optical systems. We concept, design and produce prototypes for new industrial and consumer applications.
As a result our company is positioned to give innovative solutions quickly in the field of applied research where microwave and optical technology is involved.

Our strategy is to be at the forefront of innovation in the the sector of high value added electronics research and development.

In 2001 the company settled in its present seat, starting partnerships with other firms and thus creating a network of collaborations able to produce highly complex prototypes in short timeframes.

Research support
Our mission is to support the client with services of research and development for finished microwave and optical products.
Systems which integrate microwave (transceiver, T/R, etc.) or optical frequency (T/R laser, modulatori, etc.) hardware, real-time signal processing hardware (DSP, FPGA, etc.), software (C, Matlab, Windows, Linux, etc.) and firmware.

We create new product lines primarily for industrial applications, specializing in the design and production of microwave systems used in the measurement of humidity in industrial semimanufactured products, and radar systems used to detect underground utility services.
Since 1999 ANDROMEDA has devoloped an active and efficient partnership with G.P.TECNO (www.gptecno.it) taking part in several research projects, some of which financed by the European Union.

High level research activities in technolgy are have been started in partnership with the University of Padua (Italy), the University of Chemnitz (Germany), Magneti Marelli (Italy), FIAT (Italy), The Sound (Italy), Waveband (California) and other smaller companies in the same field.

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